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About Us

Our professional paths came together about 2 decades ago at the Mutual Fund Store in Overland Park.  

We have worked together ever since and have over 80 years of combined experience in wealth management and financial planning. Now, we are proud to be associated with Visionary Wealth Advisors, a firm of high integrity and professionalism.

We want you to flourish.

Creating a favorable environment for your life to unfold in wonderful ways certainly involves more than making wise decisions about your finances. But a picture of your preferred future probably includes being at peace with your money. Growing wealth is part of the process but it's not the end goal. Rather, your financial resources are FOR something. Your money has a purpose. We can help you discover that purpose. 

It all starts with a plan.

Part of the plan involves managing your investments. In other words, how to construct, monitor and make adjustments to your portfolio.  

Our strategy is to utilize low-cost, multi-manager portfolios which are personalized for our clients.  We can assess your investment risk tolerance quantitatively, which is important, because words like "conservative," "moderate," and "aggressive" have different meanings to different people.  Our portfolio allocations are built from investment models designed by some of the world's leading money managers. And, as certain economic and market factors change, we'll adjust your portfolio to stay on target with the latest modeling. But, a personalized investment plan is not the whole plan.

Holistic financial planning gives context to Investment Management.  

The financial planning process helps clients to discover if they are tracking to achieve specific goals like a particular retirement lifestyle or funding higher education expenses for children or grandchildren.

Our most successful clients also rely on us to coach them through their most important financial and life decisions, i.e. when to start taking Social Security benefits. With input from trusted subject-matter experts, we also help our clients with decisions around Medicare, retirement distributions and how to reduce taxes.

Finally, we need to consider how best to protect the plan we've built.  This involves a discussion of long-term care and life insurance, as well as estate planning.